Daily Facilities

ZİRVE CAFE: Zirve cafe which takes place in Ergan Mountain Ski Sports Center has both miystical structure and special menu for visiters. You can spend nice time here and you can find all pleasues appropriate your taste here. A wonderful place where you can fulfill your all need.

GONDOL CAFE: You can fell yourself different and you can throw your all fatique here.  As well hot and cold baverages, with snack products you can find all pleasure in her.

GÖL CAFE: Göl cafe that takes place Ergan Mountain Ski Center is one of the indispensable places. According to your taste, you can taste meals, with longues and coffee venue you can ornament that you live pleasant memory.

ÖĞLEN TAŞI CAFE: Öğlen cafe which established in the foothills of  Ergan Mountain Ski Center is the most visited place with 2450 altitude with marvellous and rich-oxygen weather this place adds your inner utterly different weathers. Besides warm and peaceful atmosphere for visiters, this cafe is dispensable place with special interior design and sanitary atmosphere.

DAĞ EVİ: Dağ evi which established in the foothills of  Ergan Mountain Ski Center meets the whole needs of the visitors with 2970 altitude, in addition; this house is a safe place for visitors. It has a unique landscape and clean air thus you can’t forget this place thanks to these features. This place which takes place summit of Ergan mountain waits valuable visiters.

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